Monday, April 16, 2018

Gamification at #TIE18

Level Up and Earn these Badges of the Realm!

Gamified Breakout Session: Earn "Realm Points" throughout this Breakout and earn Badges! 
*Ways to Earn "RP"
1. Tweet a "takeaway" from this session: 100 Realm Points (maximum 5 Tweets to earn RP)
2. Answer a Question: 100 Realm Points/question
3. Complete or Win a "Realm Challenge": 100 Realm Points
4. Follow me on Twitter: @danklumper: 100 Realm Points
5. Write down at least ONE resource to use with your students: 100 Realm Points

Realm of Dragons - My site
"Gamer Survey" - identify what type of "gamer" your students are to make balanced groups
Twitter: #xplap, #games4ed, #dsu360

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