Saturday, August 22, 2015

What is the SpearTip?

When you throw a spear, the very first thing to hit the target is the tip. It's the first to make an impact, a difference, to change things. It takes the blemish free target and punctures it. Slices it. Blasts it. I am not throwing spears here, but philosophically, that's exactly what we should do in education.

This website used to be called "Techno.ED" and it's mission was to share technology tools and strategies to increase student learning. The goal was to use technology with a purpose, not just use it to use it. The resources/ideas shared will remain on the site. However, with a new position in my career and a broadening of horizons, I want to provide a resource and share out on more than just technology. I want to share and discuss all phases of education-instructional strategies, assessments, projects, students, motivation, engagement, tlap, experiences, learning, and yes, technology as well. With so many educational websites out there, why another one? The answer: individuality, the beauty of education.  Each educational website is operated and maintained by someone different- different life experiences, different perspective, different ideas, different background, different everything. This makes a unique sharing experiences, individuals coming together for a greater good-impacting student lives.

So why SPEARTIP EDU?  It's an attitude. It's an attitude of not being afraid to go forward. An attitude to try things, to get out front and be a leader. Having the courage to be that "speartip" and go forth, at the front, unwavering in your pursuit to make a difference. To change things. It doesn't mean having to be "first." Education isn't looking for everyone to try to be first in everything.  This implies too much competition among educators, where instead, there should be working together. Education is looking for educators to not sit back in the weapons depot, but to fly, to launch itself forward, towards the target. When that SPEARTIP hits its mark, there's been a breakthrough, a student "getting it," the discovery of a new tool to enhance learning, a relationship made, a tough student helped, a collaborative session amongst colleagues, or an idea born.

Join me on the SPEARTIP.  Let's make an impact.

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