Thinking. It's good to take a moment every so often and do some thinking. Sitting in a quiet place, deep in thought is good for the mind and body. Here's are some thoughts I was moved to share.

The Goodbye Letter
Moving On! (Curiosity)
What kind of Leader are you? 
Student Learning Vs. Emotion 
Assigned seats a thing of the past? 
Teach Like a Circus
The One Word Challenge
A Truly Transformative Question
The True Heroes of Education
Give Kids Power.
Before You Can't.
You are a Skid Loader
Something That Shouldn't Be
Gone and Never coming back: Time
Why do kids say "Hello"? 
Royal Rumble in the Classroom
First Day of School
Creating an experience
Props! More than just objects
Most Versatile word in Teacher vocabulary
I Don't like it-I don't like how people assume teachers hate it when school starts
Let's just yell at them!
Blink-Thoughts on how fast time goes
How are we treating kids? 
Glance at Cell phones and students
What is a Chromebook?
Motivation and Frustration with Techno.ED
Garden of Your Mind
Google Glass
The Common Core Question
YouTube is Open, now what?
Taking a step back, thinking about your life
Gaining a little perspective
A Meth Addict and a Navy SEAL
Conferences, Parents, and Technology
What if the world was only 100 People?
A Pep talk from Kid President
13 Photos that changed the world
7 Habits of highly effective teachers who use technology
Rules of Life
True Inspiration-Amazing Story
Said No teacher, ever
Bank is Open

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