Tuesday, May 31, 2016

What kind of Leader are you?

No matter what your title is, you are in a leadership position. Whether you are a superintendent leading an entire school district, a principal leading a school, a teacher leading their students or students leading a group of peers, we are all leaders in some way. So the question is, are you a good leader? So to answer that question, more questions: 

*How many times do you have to tell those you lead that you are their leader? If you have to remind everyone that you are their leader, then you are probably not a very good leader. The good leaders I have worked for and worked with never have to say it, we just knew by the way they conducted themselves and treated those they led. 

*Do you inspire those you lead? Do you unlock their talent or suppress their potential? Do those you lead feel valued and like they are an important piece to the puzzle or do they feel expendable and replaceable? Is there a sense of community in those you lead or is there a divide amongst the team?  Do you act out of what's best for the higher purpose (student learning in the case of education) or act in certain ways to gain favor amongst a certain few? 

*Do those you lead feel a sense of autonomy and purpose? Do they want to work hard for you or in spite of you? Do you carry around a clipboard making notes, or do you roll up your sleeves and get in there WITH them? 

*Are you cocky and arrogant? Or humble and selfless? Would you rather lift those up around you or be the one to be elevated? 

You answers will clearly show what type of leader you are. We are all leaders, in some way. Maybe we lead thousands, maybe we lead just a few. Either way, we lead and must do so in a positive way. 

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