Monday, January 22, 2018

Appear.In: Video conference tool

Google Hangout and Skype are far inferior to this new video conferencing tool: Appear.In. The video quality and sound quality is so much better than Hangouts and Skype.

*With Appear.In, you can your own URL, which is your "room." So the link to your room is always the same.

*It's Free.

*You can "lock" your room so when people click on your link, they will have to "knock," which will alert you someone wants to get into your room. Then, you can let them in, or not.

*You can use emoji's and stickers during the video conference.

*There is a text feature so allow you to have side conversations during the video conference.

Friday, January 19, 2018

Try Flipgird. It's awesome.

Perhaps you have seen Flipgrid and/or used Flipgrid. Perhaps not. Well, I am strongly encouraging you to use it, if you haven't already! It's a dynamite tool for student learning.

*It gives your students a voice by allowing them all to share their thoughts, insights, opinions, questions, etc. without the intimidation of a full class of peers.

*No sign in/username/password. This makes it so accessible and easy to use. No more forgetting passwords. Password protect the grid so it's not viewable by the public.

*Public Vs. Private. Students can see each other's videos and respond with their own video. However, you can also have the videos visible only by you with the moderation feature.

*Fun! The emoji's, stickers, and drawing feature for the video Thumbnail "selfie" is a lot of fun and gets kids excited about using it. Use this feature with meaning by having them design their selfie to represent whatever they are talking about.

*Direct link. It's never been easier to get something out to your students. Just give them the link!

*Resource Feature: Add a youtube video, google doc or any number of resources for your students to use and respond to with their video.

*Compare/Contrast: I posted a video of the "Great Race" myth of the Lakota people. I also attached a document of the Great Race in text form. My students are comparing/contrasting the two items in their flipgrid post. (See picture posted)

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