On this page you will find the posts on Techno.ED that allow both the teacher and student to create something. These tools and ideas can be used to create things for learning and to create things for reviewing. Creating and teaching our students to be creative is a huge part of our job.

Mind Mapping/Idea web Tools Idea Mapping Tool
Coggle: Mind Mapping Tool
iPad apps for Mind Mapping

Web Tools to Create and/or Review
Creating Audience for writing
Edpuzzle: Video Lessons
Kahoot! Review game fun
Thinglink: Create Interactive maps
TimeToast: online time line maker
Canva: Infographic maker
Scibblemaps: interactive map maker
Classmint: note taking
Blendspace: create digital content Product: Fakebook
Fake Text Message Generator
Essential Tool: Teacher websites
Blogs in Education
Create Infographics with Photovisi great infographic creation site
Wallwisher: A collaborative virtual board
Tagxedo: World cloud better than Wordle
Opus Math: Incorporate Math with ease!
Bring Famous people alive in your classroom
Create a Youtube Interactive Review
Comic Strip Creation App: "Strip Designer"
Create Maps and bring them to Life with Animaps
Online Trading Cards Great tool for creating websites Tackk Stream
Podcasting with
Lino It! A collaborative virtual wall
Create a "Choose your own Adventure" activity
Use ProProfs to give online quizzes and assignments
Turn your iPad into an instant responder with Socrative collaborative writing tool
Widbook: write and collaborate online

Animation/Comic Style
Pixton: Create a cartoon for your class
Go!Animate: animated cartoon maker
Storyboard That

Review Drive review game
Kuizza: online quiz tool with stats
Turn your content into an Arcade Game
More Online Review Games
Create and share flashcards with Flashcard Machine
Quizdini: create and share review quizzes
Quizbean: online quiz

Tools for Writing
No Red Ink

Tools to Create Videos

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