Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Gone and Never coming back: "Time"

Father Time always wins.  No matter how good you are or talented or awesome, eventually, time runs out for you. No matter how hard you try, once those seconds tick by, they are gone. Forever. For teachers, without a doubt our most precious resource is time. It's what we need, yet sometimes feel as if we never have enough of it. Constantly being pulled in so many different directions, causes time to slip by like a slippery fish, shooting through our fingers, back into the sea. It is with time when we can discover new things, research new strategies, create new ideas.  It is with time that we can develop a culture of learning in our rooms, to build meaningful relationships, to further our own education. Time is king. The hustle and bustle of life sometimes causes time to race by so fast that we are left in a rut, unable to break the routine, to shed the chains of complacency. How often have you heard someone say (or thought it yourself), "Yeah, I would love to do stuff like that, but I don't have enough time!" Though a valid claim, I would encourage you to get out your Hulk fists and crush those shackle-like thoughts because they're holding you back. Somehow, someway, force yourself to stop the frenzy of life. Go to a coffee shop, order an iced caramel latte, take out a notebook and a pencil and just start doodling. Jot down ideas. Jot down things you want to try, ideas you've always wanted to explore. Research a new strategy. Draw. Write. Think. I firmly believe that if you do this, if you force yourself to slow down and just think, you will alter the trajectory of your life from a blur of sameness, to one of focused variety and place yourself firmly on the path of realizing your own potential.   

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