Thursday, September 13, 2012

KeepVid: Saving YouTube videos to your computer

Well, Zamzar used to be a good conversion tool. I had not realized Zamzar was unable to do YouTube videos anymore due to a lawsuit from Google. Zamzar can still convert files, just not YouTube. Thank you to those of you who alerted me to this. I guess that means you are actually reading this stuff! Since zamzar is no longer an option, we need a back up plan, and with thanks to Mrs. Terwee and Curt Vlaminck, we have it. The website is called keepvid and it allows you to convert videos from YouTube into a file to save on  your computer. KeepVid actually goes faster than Zamzar did, but it has limited options of what format you want to save your video as. (In the free version).  I have provided a couple screen shots of using KeepVid but the basic steps are below:
1. Copy the URL of the youtube video you want to save
2. go to
3. enter the URL in the box at the top. (see screen shot)
4. Click "download"
5. A box will pop up and you will check the "agree" box and click "run"
6. Moments after this, you will be provided with many options for the format you want to save the video as. Ideally, you would get wmv or avi, but they do not offer those formats in the free version. I would recommend selecting MP4. 
7. Click on the format you want, and the download will begin. You can then choose where you want to save the video after the download is complete. 

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