Thursday, January 24, 2013

Give your students an Online Quiz

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I feel that part of our job as teachers is to get our students ready for their future in education, namely college. I know not every student will go to college, but we can start introducing them to things that they will have to do in college as things continue to move towards online classes. One thing that I do with my 6th graders is give them online quizzes and online assignments that they must do on their own. After covering a topic together, I post the link to the online quiz on my website. I give the students 5 days to complete the quiz and they can take it whenever they are ready. Keep in mind, though, that you must be comfortable with the students using their notes because they will, and that's okay because with online quizzes and online classes in college, they can use their notes as well. I took an online class last semester at USF and had many online quizzes and used my notes every time, which the professor said to do. With that said, make the quiz harder so they actually HAVE to use their notes. It is a good learning opportunity and a quick way to see where your students are at with their knowledge. It is also a good way to teach responsibility. You can also provide an online article with a ProProfs quiz to go along with it. To do this, I use a website called which allows you to create your own quizzes for free and password protect them so only your students can log in. Provide your students with the quiz link and the password and they are on their way. 

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