Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Individualized Education

Check out this video on Individualized Education. Self-paced learning is a really good thing and something that is hard to do without 1:1 computers. Self-paced learning means students work on objectives and do not move on until they have mastered them. What is better: students getting to all the standards but mastering none of them, OR students mastering half the standards? I think we know the answer to that. Self-paced learning with computers allows the students to stay more organized with what they have to do and learn. In a classroom that is not 1:1, it is difficult to truly do self-paced learning. I have thought about it, tried, and come up empty with a good solution of how to do self-paced learning without computers. I have tried a little bit with giving online quizzes that students can take when they are ready and re-take once if they do poorly. However, students have to do this stuff on their own because of the lack of computer availability and sometimes that means not doing it. I want to see what they know and have learned and I can't see that if they don't complete the mastery quizzes. Well, it seems the lack of computers will end after next school year and I look forward to the exciting changes that will bring, especially in the area of self-paced learning.

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Mrs. Waterbury said...

I have always been an advocate of self-paced learning. I agree that the availability of 1:1 computers will make that a reality if used properly and embraced by all.