Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Smartphones are like Swiss army knives on steroids

Some may argue that technology brings a lot of laziness to the world. I would argue that that laziness is sometimes confused with efficiency. When the Swiss army knife came out in 1891, it totally revolutionized what people could carry in their pocket. Instead of having a bunch of individual tools jingling around in their pocket or tool box, people could have one lone item, with many different functions. You never know when you might need a knife, screwdriver, saw, pincers, toothpick, corkscrew and whatever else they have. In our world, our version of the Swiss army knife is the Smart phone. It really is a smart device. It's a Swiss army knife on steroids. Think about it, "how many things has the smart phone eliminated?" 

  • We no longer need those big bulky phone books with size 8 font. Simply search what/who you want to call and you will find it, or Siri will tell you.
  • No need for a flashlight as the smartphone comes with one. Still using a pedometer clipped to your belt? No need because you can simply put your phone in your pocket (which you probably do anyway) and it will keep track of your steps, among many other things that a pedometer can't do.
  • Smartphone cameras have improved so much they rival and surpass many digital cameras. The digital camera is basically obsolete thanks to the smart phone camera.
  • Video devices are the same. Remember the Flipped Video camera? Goodbye. Hello smartphone.
  • Still keep a grocery list on a piece of paper on your fridge? Keep track with many smartphone list apps.
  • Alarm clocks are gone because the smartphone has an alarm clock with many different alarm sounds, which are more pleasing to the ear when you wake up than the dreadful sound alarm clocks have.
  • Want to figure out where to go or get some place? Don't waste your money buying a Garmin GPS because your smart phone has all you need for free navigation.
  • Keep track of your life with the calender.
  • With Google Play, you can turn your phone into a movie theater or a book.
  • Can't find the thermometer to check to see if you have a temperature? Don't worry! Use the body temp app and get yourself to the doctor!
  • The dictionary app eliminates the need for a big, huge dictionary taking up space.
  • The newspaper is on its way out because you can get so much of your news with twitter, and customize it to what you want to see.
  • The compass app waves good by to an actual compass.
  • Music player eliminates the Walkman (OK, those were eliminated long ago.)
  • Google Wallet and Apple pay make it so you don't even need a wallet!
  • Running from the law so you need to leave the country? Turn your phone into your passport with the passport app. 

When you think about it, the smartphone has truly changed the way we live. Some would argue that smart phones have had a negative impact on our life, and in some cases, I would agree with that. But they have had a major impact on how efficient we can live and I think that's a good thing. 

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