Thursday, March 24, 2016

"Clean Up" Articles for your students

There are so many great articles on the Internet for your students to read. Whether you are looking for current events, non-fiction, fiction, etc, it's easy to find the article. The problem is, though, that most online articles are loaded with other "stuff" like advertisements, promotions, additional links, commercials, etc. The articles can get quite cluttered with all that extra stuff--stuff your students do not need to see. There is a very helpful Chrome extension called "PrintFriendly and PDF" that allows you to solve the problem of cluttered and distracting articles.  When you add this extension to your Chrome browser, you can quickly and easily clean up the articles.

Here's how:
1. When you find an article you want, click the Icon.
2. This will open up the article in a new window which will activate the tools to clean up the clutter. 

3. Click on all the items you do NOT want (ads, links, pics, graphics, etc.)
4. Print it off for your students or save it as a PDF, which then you could upload into Google Drive. 

After you have added the extension from the Chrome Web Store, follow these two screenshots.
Step 1

Step 2

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