Thursday, August 16, 2012

What is Techno.ED?

Welcome to Techno.ED. What is this site, exactly? It is a resource tool designed to help teachers get stronger and feel more confident in the area of Technology in Education. It is a site that will provide tech tools and ideas for creating, reviewing, sharing, collaborating, communicating, and more. There are tons of resources and websites out there about technology in education. It is a little daunting. That is why I have created this site. To give you a place to start. So, to get "Techno.ED," all you have to do is simply subscribe to this website and be aware of what's being posted/shared. I have a strong passion for Technology in Education. I am wired that way and I think students are wired that way in 2012. I decided to build this site and write these posts because I think our school/district needs a site like this. I love searching for new tech tools, figuring out how to use them, and implementing them in education. I will gladly put in the time to produce a quality resource. Technology is not something to be scared of or intimidated by. The great thing about technology is that it typically makes things easier/better. I think Techno.ED could be a very valuable resource for the teachers of BV (and others) because too often we are told to use and implement technology in our classrooms but then are given no support or direction. Some can handle that, but I think there is a large portion of teachers that might need a little assistance when it comes to effectively using technology in their rooms. We don't want to use technology just to use it, we want to use it to make our students learn more, to grow more, to expand their horizons and to become better people. We have been so graciously given an iPad cart in the middle school. So now what? What apps should we get? How can we use them in our classrooms? Well, that is just one example of how I think Techno.ED can help. I know that this site doesn't look like much now, but if you could see my Techno.ED spreadsheet, you would see that great things are just waiting to be launched. Another cool thing about Techno.ED is that it doesn't just have to be me posting. If, for example, you find a cool tech tool, let me know and you can publish a "guest blog post" with what you have found. I by no means know everything when it comes to Technology in Education. But what I do know, I want to share with the hopes that it might help us be a better school. The frequency of my posts will vary, but it will be an active blog. 
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No matter what level or subject you teach, I know you will find ideas that you can use in your classroom to make the good things you already do, even better. 
Thank you. I look forward to sharing and working together. 

Dan Klumper 

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