Sunday, August 24, 2014

Adjusting Touchpad & Mouse Settings

One of the biggest adjustments for me when I switched from my MacBook to my Samsung tablet this school year was getting used to the touchpad, especially how overly sensitive the touchpad can be.   After letting it drive me crazy for a bit, I figured out some ways to alleviate this issue, so I thought I’d pass along the information in case you find yourself frustrated with this, too.  You can always turn off the touchpad using the “Fn” key + F5, and investing in a wireless mouse seems to help as well, but you can also adjust your touchpad and mouse settings to your liking.

Here are a few tutorial sites and videos to help you get started personalizing this feature on your laptop. 

I found that adjusting the sensitivity of the track pad has saved me from a lot of frustration when using my laptop.

Please let your tech coaches know if we can help you with this.  Have a great week! 

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