Friday, February 24, 2017

2 Hour Late Start - Nature's Way of saying "Thanks"

The 2-hour late start is nature's way of saying "thank you" to teachers. But not because teachers have to work two fewer hours that day. Ha! Far from it. Teachers aren't happy with two-hour late starts because they don't have to deal with students as much that day. Well, at least I hope that is not why they are happy. Teachers are happy with two-hour late starts because 1. They might get a bit more rest to get recharged, but still GET to teach students that day. 2. They have two extra hours to plan and perhaps relieve some of the stress/burden that might be building. 3. They get a chance to have a "slower" morning with their kids and not have to rush out of the house before the sun rises.  4. All after school activities (practices, events, clubs, etc.) are still on which are important to a lot of people.

With the two-hour late start, Mother Nature is saying to those teachers: "Teachers, thank you for all the work you do, especially to those who are underappreciated because they "boss" is anything but a leader and never encourages them or builds them up. Teachers, I want to thank you for your hard work and dedication so here's a little snow and nice. Use your two hours to help plan a new idea or just to rest and recharge your battery. And also teachers? One more time, thank you for what you are doing." Yep, that is what mother nature is saying with 2-hour late starts. I'm sure of it.

I'm glad mother nature "thanks" teachers from time to time here in the midwest because I, too, have this undying support for teachers who head into the trenches each day to face whatever comes their way. Well, those that work hard and are dedicated to being life-long learners and producing life-long learners. To those who continue to strive to get better, to research, to develop new ideas. To those who are passionate about kids and attack each day like it's their mission in life.

Hope you enjoyed the 2-hour late star! No need to thank mother nature, because you thank us all, every day for the work you do. So thanks!

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