Saturday, March 28, 2020

Finding the Silver Lining

The silver lining amidst the coronavirus pandemic
Try to find the silver lining in this coronavirus mess. I think it's helpful to keep your sanity, to stay positive, and in trying to keep a good attitude about everything. The time passes way too slow if all you do is mope around the house wishing for our old life back. For me, I have thought a lot about the silver lining in all this.

1. Olivia. She is a junior at the moment. Next year, she will, of course, be a senior in high school, which will fly by and before we can blink twice, she will be off to college. Once that happens, it's never the same. Sure, a few summers at home but it will never be like it is when they are in high school or younger, living at home. So for this quarantine, a definite silver lining is the chance to have Olivia around a lot and spending time with the family. I am certain she would rather be at school, hanging out with her friends, being a high schooler - but I have so appreciated the chance to have her around so much before she goes off to college and beyond.

2. New challenge. Next year, I will be off to a new challenge back in the classroom teaching middle school/high school social studies. I am excited to be back in the classroom with all the action that comes with it, working with young adolescents again. I am also going to be the head girls basketball coach, a challenge I am so incredibly excited for. So during this quarantine, I have had a lot of time to start thinking/working on my new challenges. I have spent time everyday brushing up on US history and working on building my basketball program. It has given me time to spend thinking and planning and getting organized.

3. Hazel. Kids grow up so fast and time flies by. The time in which your kids are at that 'little kid' phase goes so quickly. Hazel is 6. She's at such a great age, one that is so fun and adorable. These times are priceless, times you can never get back. So instead of the hustle and bustle of life getting in the way of quality time with Hazel and enjoying her age, life has ground to a screeching halt, giving us time to really appreciate Hazel and the phase she is in. Each morning, she wakes up and crawls into bed with me and snuggles up. Every morning. It is something I so look forward to. This pandemic will end. Hazel will grow up and these moments will forever be gone. So this quarantine has given us a chance to slow way down and not take things for granted.

4. Cheap living! Since we can't leave, we can't go spend money, so we have been able to save more!

What is your silver lining? I hope you have found one or multiple. It goes a long way in saving our sanity.

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