Friday, December 14, 2012

A Meth addict and a Navy SEAL

Bobby Knight and referees. Water and Oil. Middle schoolers and hygiene. Hatfields and McCoys.... Some things just don't go together. What does a meth addict and a Navy SEAL have in common? Nothing, except in the case of Adam Brown who happened to be both. I recently read a book called Fearless, and wanted to share it with you because of just how powerful a story it is. Adam Brown was born and grew up in Hot Springs, Arkansas. His childhood wasn't anything significant. Not poor, but certainly not well-off, Adam was a very likable, happy go-luck kid. He was always up for having fun and doing crazy things, yet at the same time, extremely respectful to his parents. Through high school, Adam was just an average football player but was named captain due to his leadership ability and how hard he played. He had all the potential in the world, had life by the tail, smart, dynamic, charismatic, it seemed Adam could do anything. After high school, things began a sharp nose dive and over the next 5 years, Adam drank and did drugs. Eventually, Adam started using meth. Meth is a monster that once gets you in its grip, rarely lets go. Adam sunk to the depths of life, constantly finding himself in one meth house after another. He went to rehab, then would relapse. Rehab again, relapse again. It seemed the monster would not let go. Then, everything changed. He joined the Navy with the help of a friends' father who happened to be an admiral. Adam decided to try to become a SEAL. He succeeded in not only becoming a SEAL, but one of the best SEAL operators in the entire Navy. He eventually became a member of SEAL Team 6, the most elite warriors on the planet. It is an amazing story. All throughout his drug addiction, there was something great inside him, just waiting to get out. I wonder how often that is the case for us? Not a SEAL but perhaps something else great? Something different? Something better? I tell my own kids that inside of them is the potential to do great things for people, they just need to let it out. Inside of us, we have the potential to do great things for kids. It's just a matter of whether or not we let it out. This is an amazing story of a human being overcoming something so powerful such as meth addiction to become one of the most elite warriors in the world, but not only an elite warrior, but an elite father, husband, son and teammate. The story of Adam Brown will move you to tears and cause you to appreciate what you have in life. It will make you feel patriotic, make you feel thankful for those protecting us. It will make you hug your kids tighter, appreciate the time with them more. Adam Brown was Fearless. I think we should be Fearless too.

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