Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Techno.ED Returns

Well, that was an unnecessarily long break from posting on this blog. I got too busy during football season, so I told myself that I would resume once the season ended in late October. Then I got busy with a class I am taking, maintaining my main website, turning 30 and being depressed about it, and just life in general. So, here we are, beginning of December, and I am just now finally returning to Techno.ED. I see that I have 20 subscribers. I know 3 of those subscribers are myself, which means I only have 17 real followers who see these posts via their email. Is it worth doing all this work for 17 people? Yes, I think it is. I am definitely not going to bore you with that Starfish story we've heard a million times ("It matters to this one....") but if some of those 17 subscribers get something out of these posts, then I am happy. Despite the lack of posts, I've continued to  gather and research tech tools and think about ways to make technology meaningful and impactful, not just "toys." I have tried to focus my efforts with technology in education to coming up with ways to enhance what we already do in the classroom. Technology is not meant to replace, but to strengthen. We want technology to be education enhancers, not replacers. So, throughout December and into the 2nd semester, I am going to  resume my Techno.ED self-imposed duties and try to bring you not only tech tools, but ways to use them to enhance your teaching. 
I apologize for the long delay and I thank you for subscribing. I think you will find it is worth your time to browse what I post. 
-Dan Klumper  

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