Wednesday, December 12, 2012

More Online Games!

We all know kids play video games a lot. Kids love playing video games, so why not have them play OUR video games! I attempted to contact Sony and EA to help me develop an XBox 360 game for ancient civilization. They never returned my email (not surprisingly). So, I guess we have to make due with what's on the internet. I posted about a few days ago, so I thought I would continue the theme of educational video games with a few more options. 
Review Game Zone is a site that allows you to make games with your own questions/content. It provides many different types of video games that incorporate your questions. 
Super Teacher Tools is another site that allows you to create games for your students. It also provides a few different types of tools such as classroom management tools. Browse through these sites and perhaps you will find something you would like to try/use. Having your own website is very helpful with this type of stuff because it allows you to post your created games so students can access them easily.

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