Friday, February 21, 2014

Alternatives to Google Reader and RSS feeds

Wherever you see this icon, click to add the RSS feed
to your reader.
In the world of Google, there are many, many tools and options for us to use in school and in our daily lives. One great tool is called Google Reader, however, Google Reader has been discontinued. But before we go to alternatives, let's back up to what a "reader" is, exactly. Google Reader and any other "reader" tool allows you to "subscribe" to sites/blogs/news, etc and streamlines those sites into a custom "newspaper" type format for you to read. Instead of sifting through a bunch of garbage that you don't care about, these "readers" allow you to read about the news you want, check topics you care about, and be a more informed citizen in an efficient way. Since Google Reader has been discontinued, here is a list of great alternatives that allow you to subscribe to RSS feeds. (RSS feed is just what you use to subscribe to that site within your reader.)

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