Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Tablet Cart Day #2

Yesterday was the second day I had the tablet cart in my class. Things went very smoothly with the device. The students got logged on quickly, got to the project in a timely manner, and got to work. We were able to maximize our learning time because of the kinks we worked out the first day we had the tablets. There is no smooth/easy road when it comes to bringing in new devices into a school building. It takes time to figure everything out. Some problems do not come to light until the devices are in the hands of 30 students getting heavy use. The issues that occurred on my first day with the tablet cart were issues we had no idea about until the devices were put into action. When they were put into action, and we discovered some things that needed to be taken care of, we found solutions and resolved the issues. My intent is to not air my frustration, but help others and share what I learn with other teachers so we can get the most out of what we have.

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