Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Using the new Tablet cart? You MUST read this

Trick To Log in faster with the Tablet Cart
After the initial log in, when the computer is working to get logged in, (the blue screen with the white avatar, loading and applying settings, etc.) the trick is to shut the lid and then reopen it right away. Once you open the lid, it will show the "locked screen" which asks you to enter the password again. Once you enter your password, the computer goes right to the start screen (all the tiles). Internet connection was still strong, everything seemed to work great. So for the rest of the day, I told my kids to do the trick and we were all just a real happy bunch of people, working away on blogging, learning, and creating.

Other things I noticed:
-about 5 computers per class period were connected to the internet with "limited connectivity" which prevented Internet use. This frustrating problem seemed to go away if I went into settings, turned off the Wi-Fi, then turned it back on and reconnected. This worked most of the time. 
-Students love to mess with the stylus. So I was watching them like a hawk to keep that stylus put away to prevent unnecessary problems like losing it, breaking it, or jamming it in the wrong way. 
-Students love to take off the screen and despite my many, many pleas, a few still took it off and then couldn't get it re-attached. 
-Students were frustrated with the mouse touch pad. When typing, the hands hover over the touch pad too closely, causing the mouse to inadvertantly jump around the screen when trying to type. This is about the most annoying thing in the world, so I showed my students how to toggle the touch pad on/off.  "FN" + "F5" does this.  A helpful command when using the tablet cart. 
-About 3 or 4 computers per class said "No log on resources available for this computer." This prevented the students from being able to log in. To solve this problem, the only thing I could come up with was to restart it. Seemed to work, but just took time. 

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