Friday, February 26, 2016

Chrome Extension: "Printfriendly and PDF" Clear the clutter!

Chrome has a great extension called "Print Friendly and PDF" which helps clean up articles you find online. For example, the Huffington Post has lots of great articles about a wide variety of topics. It's like an online newspaper. However, when using Huffington Post, there are always tons of ads and other non-related content at the bottom that both clutters the article and exposes kids to things we might not want them exposed to. So, Chrome the rescue! With this extension, while viewing the article, you click the extension button and it bring up the article in a new window to manipulate it. You then go through the article and click unwanted material and it will delete it from the article, leaving you with a crisp, clean article that your students can read and use. You can then email it, print it, or get the PDF. Also, it is all Free!

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