Tuesday, February 2, 2016

FormMule-Automatically send emails with Google Form Submission

This Google add-on could prove very useful for some of you. It is a tool called "FormMule" and it allows an email to be sent automatically when someone submits a Google Form. FormMule takes the data from the spreadsheet and automatically sends it out to where you want it to go. All set up via FormMule.
For example: perhaps you want to use Google Forms for people to sign up for something. Well, when the user submits the form, an email is automatically sent so that person has a reminder in their email inbox. You can also set it up to not send automatically, so in our same example, a user fills out a sign up sheet, then when the event gets closer, you can send out emails from the spreadsheet so it will remind the user of what they signed up for.
Using it with kids gets a little trickier as it relies on an email address, which sometimes isn't what is prefered. However, it would work great with parents, colleagues, friends, etc when you want emails to be sent out after a Google Form is submitted.

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