Thursday, February 4, 2016

Google Keep

What do you notice about all three pictures below? Well, let me tell you. In each picture, you will see the Google Keep logo. If you haven't already been using Google Keep, I strongly encourage you to check it out. It is a dream for staying organized and being able to work across devices. In my life, I use 4 devices: An iMac, two laptops, and my iPhone. Each serves a purpose so I spend my time going between devices. Google Keep allows me to keep track of ideas, questions, tasks, to-do lists, etc all without having to write them down or email them to myself. I have installed Google Keep on all my devices, so for example, lets say I am driving in my truck and think of an idea. Instead of having to write it down or just try to remember for when I get home, I can quickly take out my iPhone (after pulling over of course) and open the Google Keep app and write down my idea. Then, when I get home and get to my iMac or laptop, the idea is already there waiting for me to explore further. Below you can see Google Keep on all devices. The top picture is my Windows laptop, which I have pinned Google Keep to the task bar. The second picture is my Mac, which also has the Google Keep app pinned to the desktop. Third, is my iPhone, which you can easily see the Google Keep app there as well. Use your Google account to log in and help keep track of all your wondrous thoughts a lot more efficiently!  Find Google Keep in the Chrome web store and the Apple iTunes app store. It's free! 

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