Monday, January 13, 2014

A few Resources to Browse is a resource website worth looking at. It is a website that provides an online sharing community of teachers and lesson plans. It is free to join. You can create an account and browse/save lessons. You can also "follow" other teachers so whenever they post something new, you will get notified. To find lessons, simply use the search box and the most relevant items will pop up based on your search. This is a good website to find ready made lesson plans or to get ideas of lessons that you can modify/adapt to what you are doing in your own class. is another great resource that provides informational text on a wide variety of topics. The articles are designed for elementary/middle school. In addition to the informational text, there are some games that you could offer as a motivator or reward. 

French and Indian War Interactive: Searching "interactives" is another way to find engaging activities that the students can do online. My daughter has been learning about the "French and Indian War" in social studies, so I searched for an online interactive tool to help her learn and understand this topic. Add "interactive" behind any topic you are searching for and see what is out there. is another great resource site with thousands of lessons and ideas. Unfortunately, this website is not free. It costs a little over $4 per month. is a unique website that offers many resources made by teachers throughout the country. It is also a place for teachers to share/sell lessons they have created. It is free to join the site but it costs money to download lessons that you want to use. 

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