Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Study Online with Cram is a great online study tool that gives the student a variety of ways to study/review for upcoming tests, quizzes, or any other type of assessment. is a free service that allows you to use facebook, twitter, or google to create an account. It allows the teacher to input their own questions and answers. The teacher can then "share" the flashcard set with the students via a link on their website. Students could also get their own account and make their own flashcards to help them study. The student has four "modes" that they can use with the flashcard set. Flashcard mode allows the student to use the traditional flashcards. Memorize mode gives the student the question, then the student thinks of the answer, then clicks to reveal if they were right or wrong. The student then clicks if they got it right or wrong for tracking. If the student has their own account, they can save their results/progress. Test mode gives the student all the questions and answers and they have to match them up. Finally, there is Game mode, which gives the students the questions/answers in the form of a game equipped with a timer and high scores leaderboard. Another cool thing about is there is an app for iPhones, which means you can download on your phone and review on the go, at anytime, anywhere. However, I caution you to try avoid using the Cram app while you drive because if you are not paying attention to what you are doing, you may drive over a median, or worse. 

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