Thursday, January 16, 2014 Another Cloud Option

I love using the Cloud. I almost love it as much as a being surprised with a piece of fruit pizza showing up out of the blue for me to eat. The cloud makes working on projects so much more efficient and convenient because they are always with you. is a cloud option that allows you to save all your projects and access them anywhere you want., along with Skydrive, Google Drive, and are all great cloud options that allows us to be free and not tied to devices or flash drives. All these cloud options give you free storage, so the only reason you may need to use more than one cloud is if your free storage gets used up on one of them. The only difference between Google Drive and the others (which is why Google Drive is my fav.) is that Google Drive gives you creation options, the others are strictly storage. Another great thing about these cloud options is that with the speed and advancement of technology these days, all this stuff is streamlined and accessible on our mobile devices. All these clouds have apps to make it even more convenient for us. Once we get more devices into this school district, our students will be able to depend on the cloud and they will love it. It will mean more quality work, more efficiency, and best of all, less excuses! (No longer valid: I lost it, I can't find it, I left it at home, etc....)

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