Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Kuizza: A great online quiz/flashcard option

Last night, while I was just sitting on a chair, in the dark, starring, I thought about how it would be cool to find an online quiz/flashcard option that kept track of stats. So, after starring for a moment longer, I opened up my Chromebook and did some searching. I found a tool called Kuizza and I am excited to tell you about it. It is of course a free tool. It has a very clean, fresh look and is very easy to use. With your account, you can create quizzes and share them with your students. I will be using Kuizza for review tools, not formal quizzes. Kuizza allows the student to either take the quiz or get the flashcards for the questions. The one thing I really like about Kuizza is that it keeps track of the stats for the students. Students have to simply create a free account (don't even need an email!) and it will keep track of the quizzes they take and how well they do. I think the students will like this because it almost makes it into a video game because they can see how well they are doing and can see the improvements based on statistics. Students do NOT need to create an account to take the quiz, only if they want to keep track of their stats. For the teacher, Kuizza also keeps track stats for each of your quizzes that you create. So you can see the average score, high score, low score, times taken, etc. It does not keep track of individual students though.  Kuizza has many pre-made quizzes to search for, but you can also make your own custom quiz. So, my suggestion for you: go sit on a chair and just stare for a while and think up some good ideas to use Kuizza for. Your students will appreciate it. 

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