Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Techno.ED Supports the Troops

What better way to ring in the new year than thanking the men and women who keep this country free? What better way to thank those that have paid the ultimate sacrifice when they laid down their lives to protect ours? Though this website is focused on tech tools and strategies in education, we are all free Americans and for that, we should be very thankful. If you happen to be out and about and see a soldier in uniform, be brave enough to go up to them and thank them, whether they are in perilous situations on the front lines, or do not encounter any danger, they have still made the choice to bear arms and fight for our country. They have chosen to be away from their family in order to protect ours. The video below, I believe, makes the sacrifice more real to us. It shows the raw emotion of being away from loved ones, and the joy of being reunited. The video also makes one think about all the men and women who will never get that reunion. We salute the troops and say a big "Thank you!" to all who serve or who have served in the past. 

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