Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Google Chromebook Touch Screen and ChromeCast

As I was browsing the computer section at Best Buy last night, looking longingly at all the wonderful laptops and technology, I noticed the Chromebook now has touch screen models. This made me very happy. I knew Google would come through with a device even more education/school friendly. The touch screen Google Chrome Book is $300. In sharing this new found information, I hope that perhaps the Google Chrome Book can be launched into the conversation as a possible device to bring to Brandon Valley. In my opinion, all types of devices should be looked at, analyzed, and discussed. I feel that thoroughly doing our "homework" about the device and seeking input from all content areas is the right way to do things. How would a Chrome Book work in Math? English? Science? Reading? English? Social Studies? Encore?  It would be worth while to get input from those teachers but before we can get that input, perhaps a quick look at what a ChromeBook is would be helpful. Also, if you would like to "play around" with a Chrome Book, you can borrow mine anytime you want. 
Also, I just thought I would add that if you are looking to buy an awesome gadget to make your life a lot better, get a Chrome Cast. Chrome Cast only costs $30 and it allows you to watch things on your television through your smartphone, tablet, or laptop (using Chrome Browser). There is no reoccuring cost. Just a one time purchase. The Chromecast plugs into an HDMI port on your television. Once the brief set-up is complete, your laptop, tablet or smart phone will have the "chrome cast icon" which you simply press to project to the television. It's pretty awesome. Great for watching Netflix or HBO GO on your television. You can also watch YouTube, Hulu, etc. 

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